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When I first joined college, I was so eager to always be submitting any assigned task on time. As time went by, more and more tasks kept piling up, all which needed my attention. Soon, I was introduced to online papers writing services by one of my senior students friends. As I got to explore the many options that were open for me with online writing services, it soon became clear that I really needed affordable essay writing service. Not only had the amount of assigned tasks kept growing, but I also considered the service as a chance to improve my writing skills. Therefore, I moved on to search for cheap but genuine essay writing service.

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As I went on looking for cheap essay writing service, I realized that there were different ways of approaching the whole process. First, I could directly go for essay writers who offered low prices for every written page. With this option, I realized that most of the writers never went lower that $10 for every written page. This was the case for all top essay writing service providers I consulted.

The next open option was to settle on a particular essay writing service provider, and take advantage of the several price management plans available. Here are some of the price management plans I have discovered so far. They have helped me settle on the best essay writing service provider, yet one that I afford without much financial strain.

  • Free edition services. Whenever I feel that some part of an already submitted essay needs some improvements, the essay writing service provider will cater for that, free of charge.
  • The more I get to place my orders, the more I get discounts per page. This is very effective especially towards the end of the semester when assignments are all clumped up.
  • I submit the task early. I have realized that more is charged for students who need their papers written in a very short duration.
  • I sometimes go for custom essay writing service. In case that no special instructions have been assigned by the instructor, I prefer to buy already completed essays. This helps me avoid all the time and resources I would have spent on having the essay written from the very beginning.

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I only settle for top essay writing service providers. I have come to realize that cheap can sometimes have very undesirable consequences in terms of awarded grades. Other than getting low quality papers, it will mean that I will have to spend extra money on hiring a separate professional to proofread the paper. For this reason, I have maintained on hiring only the best available online essay writers. To ensure that I balance the gap between cheap and genuine essay writing service, I use the above discussed strategies. Never be tempted to go for sites or individuals offering to handle your paper just like that. As much as I am not ruling the possibility of their existence, price management plans are better suited in coming up and settling on the cheap but genuine essay writing services.